Sterling Silver Small Unicorn Charm/Pendant

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Small Unicorn Charm

Style 5541

Embrace the magic and wonder with our Small Unicorn Charm. This charm pays tribute to the mythical creature that has captured hearts and inspired imagination throughout history. The unicorn embodies purity, fantasy, and the enchantment of believing in the extraordinary. Our charm captures the essence of this connection, symbolizing the joy and whimsy that unicorns bring to our lives. Wear our Small Unicorn Charm as a reminder of the fantastical world of dreams and as a tribute to the enduring message of imagination, creativity, and the belief in the extraordinary that has touched hearts and inspired spirits across generations. Let it serve as a symbol of the timeless allure of fantasy and the importance of finding moments of magic in everyday life. Available in silver and gold.

Fun Fact

Symbol of dreams, virtue, strength, integrity, magic, healing, freedom


0.57 in x 0.63 in (14.37 mm x 16.06 mm)