Infinitely Inspiring

Radiant Necklaces

Channelled into sculptural forms, fluid crystals are a beautiful expression of Swarovski savoir-faire. Take the modern route to styling with minimalist chains that gleam with your every move.

Chic Bracelets

Bracelets of sublime brilliance crafted with precision-cut stones are striking when worn alone, and sensational in a stack. Choose one or more to radiate every day, or as a gift for someone you adore.


Bold Earrings

Full-cut facets in high-octane hues reinterpret crystals with contemporary drama. A striking display of Swarovski’s mastery of light, statement hoops inspire you to shine your brightest.

Alice in Wonderland Collection


Attention to Detail & Preserving Your Piece Is Our Promise.

There really isn't much we can't do. We strive to be your one stop shop, meeting all your needs! With our reliable friendly service, and competitive pricing, what else could you ask for? 


Permanent Jewellery now available at our North Hill Location.

Permanent bracelets, anklets, and/or necklaces custom sized to your wrist, ankle, or neck and soldered on permanently. Now you won't have to deal with those pesky clasps, making them extremely low maintenance, and showcasing an uninterrupted design.

Choose from an array of beautiful styles in 10kt Gold, 14kt Goldfill, or Sterling Silver.

Personalize and Make it your Own

Did you know we offer onsite engraving services? Let our engraving specialists help you choose the perfect verse, or advise you on engraving options to make your gift a cherished treasure for years to come.


Desiger Brands