Antique Trefoil Key Accent Charm

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Antique Trefoil Key Accent Charm

Style 0441

Capture the allure of history and secrets with our Antique Trefoil Key Accent Charm. This charm pays tribute to the vintage elegance of keys and their enduring symbolism of unlocking mysteries. The trefoil design adds an element of intricacy, representing the delicate balance of knowledge and the past. Our charm captures the essence of this connection, symbolizing the power of exploration and discovery. Wear our Antique Trefoil Key Accent Charm as a reminder of the stories that objects hold and the timeless message of curiosity and uncovering hidden truths that has intrigued hearts across generations. Let it serve as a symbol of the enduring power of history and the importance of cherishing the treasures that connect us to the past. Comes in silver and gold.


0.27 in x 0.69 in (6.88 mm x 17.51 mm)