Sterling Silver Faceted Oval Rosalind Pendant by Korite Ammolite

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Marvel in the astounding beauty of this Rosalind Pendant by Korite Ammolite. Vibrant tones pulse with the energy of the universe, surrounded by 925 sterling silver. This rare Ammolite gemstone is featured in a faceted oval silhouette of 18x13mm. Ammolite is a precious gemstone esteemed for its variance of the full spectrum of the rainbow, with each colour pertaining to a specific quality such as love, peace, healing and good fortune. Accompanied with an 18" sterling silver chain.
Please note: We have tried to represent the product as close to the original. However, due to the unique nature of Ammolite - The colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual product. All stones used in our handcrafted jewellery are one of a kind!

Korite Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone, extremely rare and extraordinarily precious. Speckled in an array of vivid hues, our genuine Ammolite gemstone jewelry is a work of art meant to be worn.


KORITE, along with our in-house designers, partners with world-class artisans including Canadian and international designers to maintain the quality and integrity of our jewelry.