Oval 925 Sterling Silver Raylene Ring by Korite Ammolite

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Spanning the finger in resplendent glory, this Raylene Ring by Korite Ammolite is set with an 10×8 oval Ammolite gemstone. Artfully intertwined strands of polished 925 sterling silver flit over and around this precious gemstone in a wisp of elegance that will capture the attention of all you encounter.


 Please note: We have tried to represent the product as close to the original. However, due to the unique nature of Ammolite - The colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual product. All stones used in our handcrafted jewellery are one of a kind!


Korite Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone, extremely rare and extraordinarily precious. Speckled in an array of vivid hues, our genuine Ammolite gemstone jewelry is a work of art meant to be worn.


KORITE, along with our in-house designers, partners with world-class artisans including Canadian and international designers to maintain the quality and integrity of our jewelry.