Galatea Pearl Pendant

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Galatea Pearl Galatea’s gorgeous pearl pendant features one of the world’s most unique pearls: The Galatea Pearl. Set in the center of a 14k white gold “Chrysanthemum,” this dramatic necklace is one of Galatea’s most popular. The Galatea Pearl, the rarest pearl in the world, is the result of a patented culturing process that nucleates the oyster with a colored stone this case, turquoise. After the pearl is harvested, it is carved by hand to reveal the color beneath the nacre. This Galatea Pearl pendant features a Diamond in a Pearl setting, all in 14k white gold with diamonds.

14KT White Gold. Patented Process Tahitian Pearl with Turquoise core, carved, with inset Diamond. 4212 - Necklace. 9.5mm Pearl. 0.35ct tw Diamond. Includes 14KT White Gold 18" chain

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