Capitan Collection "The Buddha" Ring

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Capitan Collection

These rings were created to salute the captain in every man, celebrating the most important elements in a man's life: Loyalty, Beauty, Wisdom, Honor, Family, Hope, Strength and Love. With each ring, a legend is told and unfolds, containing small elements and talismans that are forged, like the ancient swords that inspire them, into deeply oxidized Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Name: "The Buddha"
  • Buddha
  • Lotus Flower And Bud

The enigmatic, peaceful face of The Buddha surrounded by the sacred Lotus flower, reminds us of one of the most important lessons in Buddhism: That we are all capable of rising above the muddy waters of this life to achieve enlightenment or “nirvana.”

The Lotus symbolizes the purification of the spirit and the promise of new life. It is one of the most beautiful and majestic flowers in the world, yet it begins its cycle of life in muddy, dirty water. That it is able to rise above all the dirt and the darkness to bloom into beauty is a parable for us all. No matter what our circumstances, we can rise to the light and unfold, as we live, towards enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the fully opened lotus blossom is the symbol for The Buddha and full enlightenment. The bud is the symbol for those who seek and learn. 

The face of The Buddha is represented in this ring in a full state of nirvana. He has reached a state of complete oneness with the Universe, with all that is known and unknown.

-Chi Galatea Huynh


Oxidized Sterling silver ring with 14k yellow gold accents.

Dimensions: 28mm x 20mm