Capitan Collection "World's Greatest Dad Ring" Ring

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Capitan Collection

“World's Greatest Dad”

  • A Sail Boat
  • An Anchor
  • Three People
  • The Earth

This ring’s simple design appreciates the man who has worked hard throughout his life to feed his family,
without asking anything in return but their love.The sail boat symbolizes the vessel that carries us on our
life's journey and protects us from the violent, stormy seas. The sun rises on the horizon of hope.

The three people symbolize a family.  The father represents the captain of the ship that guides us into manhood.  

The anchor symbolizes stability.  It keeps us from drifting out of control in the vast oceans. The Earth symbolizes humanity as one united family. Around the Earth is a ribbon that reads, “World’s Greatest Dad.”

The ring is part of the new Capitan Collection by Galatea. It is made of deeply oxidized Sterling Silver and 14KT yellow gold. The top features a beautifully crafted globe in 14KT yellow gold.
Size 10, if you would like the ring to be adjusted to another size, please leave a note at checkout. 

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